Vehicle Lifts

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Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts are commonly used in automotive companies, car parks and vehicle maintenance and repair services.

However, in order to reduce the parking problem due to the increase in the number of vehicles due to the increasing construction and population density, vehicle elevators have also been built on the basements or on the top of the buildings.

One of the most important elements in the construction of vehicle elevators project; height, width and weight of the vehicle. Therefore, these features should be taken into account in the manufacture of vehicle lifts. Another factor in the use of the vehicle elevator; vehicle elevator cabin button allows the driver to use the vehicle does not need to get out of the vehicle.

In accordance with the Lift Regulation standards, it is a legal requirement to have a car door inside the car lift car. In platform elevators; The standards of the machine safety regulations are based on.

Important! Your vehicle elevator must be serviced periodically by the authorized elevator maintenance companies.

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