Panoramic Lifts

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Panoramic Lifts

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes panoramic elevators from other elevator models is that one or more walls are produced as glass.

This provides a visual pleasure. These windows must not be broken or shattered when broken to protect the safety of panoramic lift users.

Generally, panoramic elevators, business centers, shopping centers, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, large subway and railway stations are more preferred.

It has a variety of carrying capacities from 4 to 21 people.

The panoramic lift is surrounded by glass and provides a pleasant view to its users. Being able to see the outside of the cabin while the person or people using the elevator is much more relaxing than the indoor elevators and is peaceful for those who fear the elevator.

Another feature of panoramic elevators is that they can be installed inside the building as well as outside the building. Therefore, it provides the advantage of using in the structure.

Panoramic elevator models, depending on the structure of the round, square, triangular, etc. shapes can be.

Important! Your panoramic elevator must be serviced periodically by the authorized elevator maintenance companies.

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