Machine Roomless Elevators

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Machine Roomless Elevators

Most of the time it is observed that the buildings with engine rooms have negative effects on the aesthetics and appearance of the buildings.

On the other hand, gearless machine motor technology has been introduced in order to realize the use of elevators in buildings without machinery room.

Thanks to these lift motors, the engine room problem is eliminated. Due to the frequency control of the elevator machine motor, it provides the user with pleasure and comfort with its precise stop, take off, silent and vibration free operation during the course of the elevator car.

Gearless machine motors provide more energy savings than geared machine motors.

Elevators in this system are mostly used in residential buildings, bus terminals, airports, multi-storey business centers and shops, shopping centers, and buildings that provide cultural, health and education services.

Architects and building designers prefer machine-less elevators more in terms of energy efficiency, savings in use, pleasure and comfort.

Advantages of machine roomless elevators:

It saves space in the building due to its small footprint.
Easily applicable to any structure
Economical because it provides 40% energy saving
Eliminates noise pollution thanks to gearless elevator
The operation of gearless machines is extremely reliable, quiet and smooth
Suitable for buildings with heavy human traffic
No extra load on the static load of the structure
Important! Your machine room-free elevator must be serviced by authorized elevator maintenance companies periodically and in general.

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