Kleemann Hydraulic Systems

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Kleemann Hydraulic Systems

At Aristotle University, Kleemann developed the adjustment, measurement and control system for hydraulic units.    CODE: HS 02    Kleemann Hydraulic System

Aware of the critical importance of the elevator hydraulic unit in the operation of an elevator, KLEEMANN, in cooperation with Aristotle University - Thessaloniki, established an electronic - acoustic laboratory and developed a groundbreaking adjustment, measurement and control system for hydraulic units.

If requested, noise level, vibration and speed measurement results are printed and sent to the customer together with the hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic piston - cylinder assembly, rupture valves, brakes, hydraulic hoses, etc. Complete quality control inspections are performed in all elevator product subsystems such as. The results are recorded to ensure excellent elevator product quality. Quality control results are evaluated and corrective measures are applied when necessary.

All of the tests mentioned above are carried out in the quality control laboratory using precision instruments and devices, as well as in external precision measuring laboratories to ensure measurement accuracy.