GEM CAMEL elevator machine motor

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GEM CAMEL elevator machine motor

It is a very compact and functional elevator machine engine specially designed for 3, 4 and 6 people up to 1 m / s speed. Engine type A4 is integrated.    CODE: CAMEL    CAMEL

GEM elevator machine motor is made of CAMEL series, worm gear special alloy (centrifugal bronze with nickel) and drive pulley ductile cast iron (EN-GJS-700-2 UNI EN 1563). This cantilever pulley can be provided with two fixing points, static load (2,300 Kg) and also self-leveling external support for larger static loads (up to 2,700 Kg). Delivered with synthetic oil (3 liters) and standard single-phase 230V-50Hz fan.

HW134 "CAMEL" gearbox, noise level below 60 Db (complies with IEC 39-4; CEI EN 60034-9), horizontal vibration level less than 0.7 mm / s (complies with IEC 34-14, CEI 2 -23) and gearbox technology with independent double movement and electromagnetic brake features.

The elevator engine motor can be easily disassembled without removing the stator, brake and drive pulley for installation