Asray Lift Rails

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Asray Lift Rails

Different elevator rails are produced according to the type and characteristics of the elevators.    CODE: Asray    Asray Elevator Rail

After the T-shape is formed, the elevator rails are divided into two classes as processed elevator rails and cold drawn elevator rails. Elevator rails in this class are named with the letters A and B according to their characteristics. Cold drawn elevator rails are mounted by plastering or compression methods.

Processed elevator rails are designed to be used in various specifications and situations for elevators by performing various operations on them. The connecting elements of the elevator rails consist of rail flange, nail, dowel and bolt assembly.

The following factors are the determinants of rail size selection.

  •  Cab weight
  •  Cab load
  •  Console ranges
  •  Cab design and hanger point
  •  Rail mounting type
  •  Safety brake type


Standard TS ISO 7465 / March 2011
Size 5,000 mm ± 2 mm / 2,500 mm ± 2 mm
Package 1,000 kg APPROX
Protection Anticorit BW 366
Steel ISO 630 / E 235 B