Antigron Cable H05VV-U H05VV

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Antigron Cable H05VV-U H05VV

Antigron cables are suitable for use in all kinds of low voltage connections, distribution boards and industrial plants.    CODE: H05VV-U H05VV    Antigron Cable

It is manufactured in accordance with TS 9759 HD 21.4.S2 standards.

Antigron Cable H05VV-U / H05VV-R Specifications

Insulation Type  Conductive PVC / TI1 - Outer Sheath PVC / TM1
Test Voltage  2000 V
Fire Standard  IEC 332-1
Protection  Water Resistance
coding  Color Coding
normalized  IEC 502
Service Temperature  70 ° C
Earth Conductor  IEC 502
Solid / Stranded Conductor    Class 1 or 2 IEC 228 / HD 383
Rated Voltage  300/500 V