Alberto Sassi G300 T2 Gearless Elevator Machine Motor

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Alberto Sassi G300 T2 Gearless Elevator Machine Motor

Carrying capacity 630 - 1250 Kg G300 T2 machine engine weighs 200 Kg. For technical information, please click on the picture.    CODE: G300 T2    G300 T2

ALBERTO SASSI G-300 T2 gearless machine motor is a top class of G-300 T1 models. At maximum efficiency, it works very quietly. The torque of these machines is increased by 20%.

The maximum static load of ALBERTO SASSI G-300 T2 model gearless machine motors is 2,500 kg.

In 1: 1 suspension system, the carrying capacity is 630 kg. In a 2: 1 suspension system, the load capacity varies from 1,000 to 1,250 kg.

With its special surface structure, resistance to external factors is increased.
Improved heat dissipation with vertical blades.
Height dimensions have been reduced with the special terminal box.
It is suitable for inverters on the market (panel drive).
The DF brake series is a brake in accordance with EN 81-1 and is also designed in accordance with the + A3 1998: 2009 directive.